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Mondo Commercial Buoys

Mondo Polymer Commercial Buoys are ideal for use by commercial fishermen and as fenders by pleasure craft owners. Manufactured from the highest quality marine grade vinyl and first introduced by Norfloat USA,
Mondo Buoys feature improved single valve system for easy inflation and the prevention of leakers. Heavy-duty molded rope eyes feature a larger radius, combining strength and stability with less wear-and-tear, even if you’re using shackles.

Number Circumference Diameter Length Weight Buoyancy Eye Dia Price
M-10 29.85″/75cm 9.5″/24cm 12.75″/32cm 1.55lbs/0.7kg 15.75lbs/7.14kg 0.75″ $21.42
M-12 36.91″/93cm 11.75″/29cm 17″/43cm 2.99lbs/1.35kg 30.4lbs/13.8kg 1.063″ $25.34
M-15 45.55″/115cm 14.5″/36cm 20″/50cm 4.39lbs/1.99kg 57.1lbs/25.9kg 1.063″ $33.15
M-18 54.98″/139cm 17.5″/44cm 24.13″/61cm 6.39lbs/2.9kg 101.6lbs/46.1kg 1.063″ $50.75
M-20 62.05″/157cm 19.75″/50cm 28.13″/71cm 9.63lbs/4.37kg 149.5lbs/67.8kg 1.125″ $70.55
M-32 98.96″/251cm 31.5″/80cm 44.88″/114cm 25.9lbs/11.7kg 612.2lbs/277kg 1.125″ $209.16
Heavy Duty 5/16″ Stainless Steel Ring
An anchor ring eliminates hauling your anchor up by hand or needing a winch.

Anchor Ring Anchor Retrieval Features:
•Will float anchors up to 80 lbs
•Use with anchor lines rigged with more than 15′ of chain
•Quickly clips to anchor line
•Easy, affordable solution for anchor retrieval
•Lifetime warranty

Price: $26.95
(Buoy sold separately)

The Anchor Ring was developed by Ironwood Pacific in the footsteps of the popular Anchor Lift product. Fishermen looking for an easier way to raise their anchors needed something that could accommodate all chain or chain and rope combination anchor lines. Commonly used for saltwater applications the Anchor Ring is simple to use and effective at raising your anchor to the surface.

• Off shore anglers using long anchor chain and rope chain combinations like the easy to use functionality.

• Charter boat captains like the Anchor Ring because it slips over their anchor chain when they are ready to pull anchor and works to quickly bring their anchor to the surface.

• Anglers facing strong currents wanting an easier way to haul in their long anchor chain.


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