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PyroBoom® has been demonstrated to maintain its effectiveness and structural continuity even after exposure to a 2400 °F fire for up to 24 hours. Operationally, PyroBoom® exhibits the toughness and durability that are the trademarks of its AFTI siblings, GlobeBoom® and Oilfence™.

PyroBoom® is a solid flotation barrier that combines a unique wire reinforced refractory fabric for the above surface barrier with conventional GlobeBoom® fabric for the skirt. The glass foam filled, steel hemispheres are mechanically attached to the barrier. The modular construction allows for easy salvage, maintenance and repair in the field.

Operationally, PyroBoom® behaves like GlobeBoom®. It has been demonstrated to maintain freeboard and stability when towed in a “U” configuration at speeds up to 3 knots. The high strength and impact resistant materials allow for rough handling and continued flexing under load. No special handling equipment is required other than the lifting and tugging hardware normally found on OSRV’s. Handles, lift and tow points and bridle attachments are all included in the normal PyroBoom® layout.

PyroBoom® can be furnished in a “burn-kit”. This kit consists of a standard GlobeBoom® guide-boom, a PyroBoom® “U” configuration sweep assembly with wire cross bridles and a steel storage kit with retrieval windlass. The whole system can also be stored on a reel, if desired, with a total deck foot print of about 9′ x 20′ for either configuration.

In-situ, or on the water, burning is becoming recognized as an effective and efficient solution to removal of spilled oil. PocketBoom™ from Applied Fabric Technologies is a unique stainless steel barrier that has been extensively researched and tested over the last two years. Based on the experience and detailed analysis of S.L. Ross Environmental Research Ltd. of Ottawa, PocketBoom™ is a redesign and refinement of a fire boom originally developed by Dome Petroleum.
In an unprecedented oil spill response industry effort, the PocketBoom™ design was rendered by Applied Fabric Technologies at their facility in Orchard Park, New York. The design and materials of construction have now been tested at five locations in eastern North America.

Rugged and dependable, PocketBoom™ has excellent seakeeping, is well behaved in straight line and “U” configuration tows, can be subjected to repeated cyclical or discrete burns, and with the right handling equipment, exhibits straightforward launch and recovery characteristics.

Articulated connector sections are hinged, corrugated stainless attached with Navy style connectors. The connector sections are sized and hinged to permit adjacent float sections to fold against one another for compact storage. A lifting frame and harness have been specially designed to ensure safe and effective launching and recovery.

PocketBoom® Specifications

Total Height: 99 cm (91 cm at connector)
Freeboard: 34.8 cm (31 cm at connector)
Draft: 64.1 cm
Weight: 40.2 kg/m
B/W Ratio: 3:1
Total Buoyancy: 121 kg/m
Tensile Strength: 1.78 kN per cm width
  178 kN Total
Operational Temps: less than -40 to more than 1000 oC
Fireproof Barrier Fabric: All stainless steel construction
Flotation: Air filled stainless steel chambers at ambient pressure
Ballast: None required


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