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The Globeboom® System

GlobeBoom® is available in four different fabrics to match different operating conditions and budgets.

Available with or without storage reels! Reels can be permanently mounted, or they can include wheels for mobile applications that can be towed behind your vehicle.


1. GlobeBoom® LWU – Lightweight Urethane
This Urethane covered barrier base material is used throughout the industry where very cold or very hot storage temperatures may be encountered and the boom won’t be used frequently. Comparable to “contractor boom” in durability but uses the proven Globe flotation system – 3 sizes from 14″ to 24″.

2. GlobeBoom® ED – Extra Duty
This exclusive Globe fabric exceeds most urethane fabrics in environmental resistance and offers superior abrasion resistance, high tensile strength (1600 lbs. per inch), and very high tear strength. This is our standard product at a moderate price but with premium performance. Four sizes are available from 14″ – 36″. Deeper skirts are available upon request.

3. GlobeBoom® UHW – Urethane Heavy Weight
This series of boom uses the time tested OILFENCE™ Urethane impregnated fabric with the more conventional GlobeBoom® float design. Three sizes allow you flexibility of choice. Time tested durability means you may never have to replace it.

4. GlobeBoom® I – Industrial Boom
The Industrial series offers economical durability for permanent or continuous use. The all black PVC conveyor belting type fabric is ideal where you don’t want to draw attention to the boom or have chronic pollutants show up against the highly visible colors standard in most booms – two sizes 18″ and 24″ are available, and custom sizes can be built upon request.

Moderately priced emergency response and semi-permanent barriers available in four fabric choices with a range of heights. GlobeBoom® is engineered with superior impregnated fabrics that comparably priced barrier can’t match.

Proven semi-spherical float design with built-in handles
Our float design allows:
Compact storage
Easy handling
Quick repairs
Quick and easy storage & launching
(since GlobeBoom can roll up on a reel for fast deployment & recovery)
Proven durability: Our floats are extremely abrasion and crush resistant.

GlobeBoom®LWU & GlobeBoom®ED normally use chain ballast. GlobeBoom®UHW and GlobeBoom®I use lead ballast. Special purpose booms may alternate chain for lead and vice versa. Lead ballast may be substituted for chain on any boom. Ballast provided with the standard design is adequate for most operating conditions. In some operations, extra ballast could be required – please consult with Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. In shallow waters or rivers use the shallowest draft possible.

End Connectors
All booms need to be connected easily. Aluminum connectors are suitable for all but continuous immersion service. Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc. offers four styles of connectors for you to choose from with no price differences. The standard connector on all models of GlobeBoom® is the ASTM aluminum connector. We also offer OILFENCE® type in PVC or aluminum and U.S. Navy standard on any size of GlobeBoom® over 50′ long at no additional cost. We will also be pleased to quote on any other style of connector if normally available.

Anchor Points
Anchor Points are standard on 100′ or longer lengths of GlobeBoom®. When the boom is to be permanently moored or subjected to severe service, heavy duty OILFENCE®-type anchor points are available.


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