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The Squib-fired Sea Catch TR5SQ Specifications:

  • Unit Dimensions: Over All Length 4.5 inches.
  • Unit Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Break load: 16,618 lbs.
  • Capacity (5:1): 3,323 lbs.
  • Firing Power : Squib (or CAD Thruster P/N 055069-1 for the TR5SQT*).
  • Recommended Shackle Size: 7/16 inch.

The Squib-fired Sea Catch TR7SQ Specifications:

  • Unit Dimensions: Over All Length 6.62 inches.
  • Unit Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Break load: 35,210 lbs.
  • Capacity (5:1): 7,042 lbs.
  • Firing Power : Squib (or CAD Thruster P/N 055078 for the TR7SQT*).
  • Recommended Shackle Size: 5/8 inch.

Sea Catch squib-fired models are standard Sea Catch units fitted with chambers below the release lever where a squib or squib-fired thruster is threaded or inserted and secured. The units are electrically, often remotely, activated. The Sea Catch TR5SQ and TR7SQ can now be fired solely with a squib although the use of squib-fired thrusters offers far greater dependability, firing consistency, and safety.
With the TR5SQ and the TR7SQ, safe, split second release activation is provided for both single load or multiple load releasing. Manual backup release is maintained by means of the standard lanyard pull on the release lever.

*The TR5SQT is a standard TR5 fitted to receive CAD Thruster P/N 055069-1. The TR7SQT is a standard TR7 fitted to receive CAD Thruster P/N 055078. For more information on the CAD Thrusters, contact Cartridge Actuated Devices, Inc. Tel: 973-575-1312, Fax: 973-575-6039.

Squib activation is less expensive than CAD Thruster activation. CAD Thrusters are more expensive than squibs but they are more reliable than squibs. Squibs are not provided. Larger capacity Sea Catch squib-fired and CAD Thruster-fired units can be made available. Call for details.

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